the beginning

My name is Daniela Grabenschweiger and I live with my two Petit’s in Austria more precisely in a small town in Lower Austria.  Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with Wirehaired Dachshounds and Cairn Terriers.

So our first PBGV Louis „Nightdream Louis Vuitton“ came to us and I immediately fell in love with the breed. With Louis I started attending dog shows, tried obedience and went into the woods to do blood tracking. All these activities we’re a lot of fun and no problem to do with this happy and active breed. As more and more time passes it turned out, that I found a passion in showing dogs and it slowly developed to a hobby I won’t miss anymore.

Three years later I visited  Ursula and her kennel „vom Hoxwier“ in Bavaria as she had a litter of two dogs pedigrees I liked very much. When I saw Iron the first time i immediatley fell in love. Iron came to live with us and little did i know where the journey will lead me with him.

Nightdream Louis Vuitton

living with PBGV's

There is never a dull moment living with Petit’s! For me my dogs are beloved family members – they come first even if it means putting my own needs and social life aside.

This is the choice I made – owning dogs ist not just a hobby for me – it’s a lifestyle! Apart from my dogs being very succesful in the dog show world, they are great family dogs, super loving, intelligent and easy to live with.

things got more serious

Slowly things got more and more serious. I started to learn about the breed, contacted experienced breeders to learn from them about bloodlines and pedigrees.

2018 I started my first small steps in breeding. Iron was the father of a long awaited litter in Austria. 2016 I applied for my kennel name „Enjouement’s“. Still I’m not breeding dogs as I have so many more to learn and at the moment I don’t feel ready for such a great responsibility.

I hope I will learn a lot more in the next years and I get to know many other breeders as I think that cooperation is the key to success and keeping the unique PBGV with all what it takes according to the Standard. I’m very happy that I was so lucky to meet already many breeders who shared their knowledge, experience & life lessons with me.